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Nima Haddadi, is a Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer, and one of the founding members at the H&M Law Firm. Nima is an intricate part of our law firm, and helps each client individually when accused of a DUI. As a former prosecutor, Nima has a unique perspective on how the justice system DUI suspects, and knows how to fight the system. The criminal justice system in LA is founded on the principle that every person is innocent, until proven guilty but the reality is this isnt always whats done. Most suspects are treated guilty, and have to prove their innocence. At the HM Law firm, our Los Angeles criminal law firm believes in providing each client the best possible defense.

Our firm focuses exclusively on providing the wrongly accused, the best possible legal defense. We are true believers – and fight for victims who are wrongly accused, or are being wrongly persecuted by the government.

Our law firm is made up of the most talented, and skilled dui attorneys in California. Our team of attorneys consist of former Criminal Prosecutors, D.A. clerks, and many other well respected members of the criminal justice system.

The H&M Law Firm has earned a reputation for being the most vigorous, and best law firm in the USA . Our attorneys are constantly attending new seminars, and training sessions. This ensures that we are constantly becoming better and understand new tactics to discredit, and disprove, DUI allegations. We firmly believe that isnt a single prosecutorial office, or competitor, who can out think or out maneuver our attorneys.

People typically dont plan to drive a vehicle, while under the influence of alcohol, or even drugs. But, if that happens – and you get pulled over by the police, then you could be charged with a DUI. If that happens, youll likely end up in jail, your car will be impounded. Moreover, you could be facing charges – which will result in you having to spend money – and potentially being unable to drive a car again.

Not all DUI accusations can result in this outcome. When you hire a Los Angeles DUI lawyer at the H&M Law Firm – you could have a different outcome.

In some cases, it may be possible that you could be accused of a DUI by someone else. If an accident occurs, a nearby pedestrian, or passenger, could tell law enforcement officers that you were drunk or high. Even if its not true, a police officer could test you. If you suspect your rights were violated, its important to tell an attorney so he can get evidence struck from the record that was illegally gained by police officials.

DUI charges may be faulty

Police officers are human, and can sometimes make mistakes. Sometimes, they can mistakenly suspect you were drinking – and thus may charge you with a DUI although this is incorrect. For example, if you are tired, or are medically impaired, then you may appear to be behaving questionably. Without an attorney to help set the record straight – you could be convicted of a DUI. Our attorneys can gather the medical evidence necessary, and present it in court – to help protect and defend you.

DUI testing might be inaccurate

Many breathalyzer tests and DUI tests have been known to be inaccurate. Like most things, they have to be maintained – and if they arent – then they can give faulty results. This means you could be accused of a DUI – but it could be incorrect, due to the fact the DUI testing equipment is faulty. Our dui attorneys can help prove this, by conducting an investigation after you contact us.

Many breathalyzer tests and DUI tests have been known to be inaccurate. Like most things, they have to be maintained – and if they arent – then they can give faulty results. This means you could be accused of a DUI – but it could be incorrect, due to the fact the DUI testing equipment is faulty. Our dui attorneys can help prove this, by conducting an investigation after you contact us.

When a person is arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the situation that follows is anything but simple. Court hearings, police reports, field sobriety test results and more all must be analyzed and dealt with in order to avoid a conviction or gain a lesser conviction from the judge. For persons who find themselves charged with DUI, the first question that comes to mind is if they need an attorney to handle their case. Most of the time, the answer is yes.

The First Offense For those who are facing a first-offense DUI charge, it is highly recommended that they have an attorney to assist them during the legal proceedings. While some choose to use a public defender, others prefer to hire a lawyer experienced in handling DUI cases on a consistent basis. Because public defenders are often severely overworked, they often look for the quickest solution in these cases. This usually means a recommendation of pleading guilty to the charges, even if there are areas that could be easily disputed.

Disputing Test Results One of the biggest areas of dispute in DUI cases is the field sobriety and breathalyzer testing. In the past, there have been many cases in which these tests were administered incorrectly by an officer, leading to a DUI arrest that may not have been necessary. An experienced DUI lawyer can capitalize on this, calling into question the officer’s knowledge and experience in administering the tests. Many times, the key to winning these cases is raising the level of doubt in the judge’s mind as to whether or not the tests were properly administered.

Plea Bargaining One of the biggest reasons to hire a DUI lawyer is when there is an excellent chance for a plea bargain. This is done most often when the BAC is .10 or less, there were inconclusive results from the field sobriety tests and no unusual behavior from the defendant. In these cases, an experienced DUI lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor to get the charges reduced from driving under the influence to reckless driving. In most states, reckless driving is a misdemeanor and will result in a much lighter sentence. In cases where the prosecutor feels their case isn’t strong enough to get a DUI conviction, reckless driving is considered to be a fallback charge that will help move the case through the court system quickly and efficiently.

Understanding the Process Above all, hiring an experienced criminal attorney can help a person have a better understanding of the legal process. Most attorneys experienced in these cases know the judges and prosecutors who handle these cases, and have a good understanding of how they tend to rule in such matters. Another major advantage of hiring an attorney is making it harder for a prosecutor to choose to go to trial. Even if the test results are borderline at best, a prosecutor is almost always much more willing to take a case to trial if a person has no legal representation. While some lawyers may guarantee they can get the charges reduced, this is not always the case. However, most criminal defense lawyers are very honest with clients and will carefully assess the situation and provide an honest opinion as to the possible outcome of the case.

When In Doubt, Hire an Attorney Ultimately, the decision whether or not to hire an attorney rests solely with the individual charged with DUI. However, while many people often choose to represent themselves at trial, the learning curve is generally too steep to ensure success in these situations. Having an experienced lawyer who has the skills and knowledge needed to handle these cases is almost always a person’s best bet, even if they ultimately get convicted of the charge. With court dockets today being overwhelmed with pending cases, the chances of a plea bargain to lesser charges are usually very good. Many prosecutors feel pressured to complete many cases quickly, so they may be very receptive to a potential deal. By hiring the right attorney for your case, you can be sure you will receive expert legal representation that may allow you to avoid more serious charges being pursued against you. Driving under the influence, or DUI, is a crime taken very seriously in Los Angeles. The state and city have zero-tolerance policies in place for offenders. Sentencing can be harsh especially if you go into court without proper representation. It is important to understand what a DUI is and how an attorney can help you when charged with this crime.

What Constitutes A DUI in Los Angeles A charge of DUI in Los Angeles means law enforcement believes you were operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated in some way. The charge covers alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs. You are legally guilty of a DUI if your blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, is 0.8 percent or higher. The amount is just 0.4 percent if you are driving a commercial vehicle.

Possible Penalties The penalties for DUI in Los Angeles range from a yearlong license suspension to fines in the hundreds of dollars. You are likely to be placed on summary probation for up to three years to ensure you do not break the law again. People who have multiple DUI charges could have a license revoked for several years. Jail time is possible if there are aggravating circumstances. You could be forced to complete an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program and pay for an ignition interlock system as well.

Questioning the Evidence in Court One of the primary ways an attorney in Los Angeles can help is by questioning the evidence of the DUI charge in court. A skilled attorney can question many aspects of the case. This includes whether police followed proper procedures or had the right to stop your vehicle. A lawyer can question the validity of the BAC test administered. If your attorney finds problems, then the entire DUI case could be dropped.

Avoiding a Suspended License Los Angeles has strict laws that allow law enforcement officers to immediately confiscate your drivers license if suspected of a DUI. A license suspension is avoidable. A knowledgeable DUI attorney can make a case that your license should not be suspended. A lawyer could successfully argue that you need limited access to your vehicle to work and live in California. Your best chance of avoiding a complete license suspension or revocation is through the representation of a lawyer.

Reducing Penalties There are times when a DUI conviction seems inevitable. This is when you need an attorney the most. A lawyer will work hard to reduce your penalties. The attorney might be able to show mitigating factors that prove you do not deserve the full sentence under the law. Your lawyer can attempt to negotiate with prosecutors in pre-trial hearings for the lightest fines and penalties possible. Attorneys have the knowledge and experience to successfully negotiate with prosecutors and judges in Los Angeles.

Dealing with Aggravating Factors Certain aspects of your DUI case might be considered aggravating factors. These are things that can dramatically increase your penalties or even lead to jail time. Some examples include incredibly high BAC percentages or injuring someone while driving drunk. You need an attorney to help deal with aggravating factors. Your lawyer might be able to explain away some issues or have certain factors removed from the case.

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